• Empowering Principals & Teachers

    Track Teaching

    Monitor online sessions,
    Analyze taught objectives,
    Follow up on assessments

    Single Platform
    Meets All Requirements

    Integrate website &
    mobile apps with
    Zoom & Teams

    Monitor Achievement

    Drill down achievement charts
    by teacher, class, subject,
    and student levels

    Manage Teacher Audits

    Conduct teacher audits
    Identify skill gaps
    Develop team capabilities

Distinctive Online Presence

Ultra responsive and hard-to-miss designs built just for schools

Promote your school, reach out to prospective parents, and win the recognition you deserve through an outstanding website.

Bring schools & parents closer together

Better Communication. Higher Achievements.

Improve communication with parents and increase their trust in your school by giving them 24/7 access to their children's homework, lesson plans, test results, conduct, attendance, and much more.

Insightful Dashboards & Data Visualizations

Empowering Principals, Heads of Departments, Subject Coordinators, and Teachers

Drill down your data charts, graphs, reports and dashboards and discover hidden opportunities in your school's data with an advanced BI platform. Edspire ensures you are able to gather meaningful academic information out of your data from every angle of your choice.

Top Features

Committed To Constant & Never-Ending Improvement

  • Distance Learning

    Fully integrate your school portal with Zoom & Microsoft Teams. Schedule and conduct meetings. Automatically record student attendance and track teacher tardiness.

  • Online Registration & Tuition Management

    Accept online student admission & registration. Handle payments & generate receipts. Track defaults and overdue payments.

  • Web-Based Report Card System

    Conduct online student assessments. Generate intelligent assessment reports.

  • Employee Learning & Development

    Manage teacher performance audits. Identify skill gaps and develop your team's capabilities.

  • Curriculum Planning & Management

    Build and plan a detailed curriculum, and track teaching completion progress for each class.

  • Ticketing System

    Simple, yet powerful, system for intelligently tracking, prioritizing, and resolving parent and student enquiry tickets.

  • Comprehensive Academics Management

    Manage timetables and exam schedules. Publish assignments and accept online submissions. Maintain an online repository of academic material.

  • Smartphone Application

    Provide parents and students with iOS and Android smartphone apps to facilitate vital information sharing.

  • Content Management System

    Independently handle all aspects of your school's website. Publish news, announcements, Surveys, and job openings. Maintain an up-to-date online academic calendar. Supported in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, and Armenian languages.

  • Stunning Customer Support

    Quick response with regular updates. Each update will include great new features and enhancements for free. Unlimited content storage and bandwidth with no hidden fees or surprises.

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